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How To Install Unity Smart Scopes In Ubuntu 13.04 [PPA]

Ubuntu 13.04 was supposed to get a new Unity Smart Scopes feature, which eventually didn’t make it, but if you don’t want to wait for Ubuntu 13.10 to try it, you can install it right now in Ubuntu 13.04, by using a PPA.Smart Scopes tries to provide a better and smarter Dash search experience by adding various scopes that return relevant data depending on the search terms.  Installing the Smart Scopes, you’ll get some new categories and sources on the home lens. When you search for something, Dash tries to automatically select the right categories and sources for your search term so for instance if you search for “Pink Floyd”, Dash will automatically select the “Music”, “Reference” (which in turn selects the Wikipedia source, among others), “Files & Folders” and so on. Or if you search for “Barcelona”, it should display the weather, etc. You can also manually select / deseelect categories or sources.Below you can see a search for “pink floyd” without manually selecting any source in the sidebar filter:Smart Scopes did figure out this is music-related and displayed my Pink Floyd albums and some online info about Pink Floyd (among others), but it also displayed some applications.And here’s

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