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Would You Pay to Play Linux?

Some colleagues of mine are asking users if they would pay for Linux. Given that folks pay for Windows and Mac, why wouldn’t they pay for Linux? Some of the answers so far are quite interesting. Perhaps they’re not as you’d expect. Linux users are known, among other things, as being cheapskates. That was the excuse many larger gaming houses cited as why they quit porting to Linux. Some distribution leaders find the exact opposite. Besides all the business sponsors, Linux Mint rakes in over $5,000 a month in user donations. Many others have donation buttons and some raise respectable numbers. Certain software makers have raised some decent funds from Linux users, like the Humble Indie Bundles. But as a general rule of thumb, Linux users ain’t paying for shift. Case in point: Alastair commented at TuxRadar to the Open Ballot question, "Would you pay for Linux?" He said, "There is absolutely no way I would pay for something that is open source." He did add, "That’s not to say I wouldn’t pay for a rebuilt binary or for support though." However, his thesis is clear, No Way, Jose. Darktux said he doesn’t think having a sticker price on each

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