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Ubuntu 13.04 Available For Download [Screenshots Tour, Video]

Ubuntu 13.04 has been released today with many enhancements and fixes to Unity as well as some important performance improvements. Read on to find out more!Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) videoCheck out the video below to see what’s new in Ubuntu 13.04:(direct video link; for more videos, subscribe to our YouTube channel)Unity changes in Ubuntu 13.04Unity has been improved a lot in Ubuntu 13.04 and it’s now a LOT faster than in Ubuntu 12.10. A lot of the work on Unity has happened under the hood but there are some user interesting interface changes and new features, such as:new window switching feature that allows you to switch between open windows of the same application by using the Unity Launcher quicklists;switch between an application’s open windows by scrolling on the application icon in the Unity Launcher;new Unity-style shutdown dialogs;the Launcher minimum icon size limit has been decreased to 8px from 32px;Dash is a lot faster (both to open and search), comes with improved preview animations, overlay scrollbars and the search has been improved with the addition of a new library which provides error tolerant matching so for instance, typing “gdit” will find Gedit, which wouldn’t happen in Ubuntu 12.10;Unity Online Accounts has

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