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Ubuntu Server 13.04 Advances with OpenStack

You may have seen the official announcements of Ubuntu 13.04 this week, or our coverage of it, but the analysis of this new version of the popular Linux distribution just keeps on coming. One of the most important things of all to realize is that the Ubuntu Server 13.04 release that became available this week includes capabilities based on the "Grizzly" release of the populuar OpenStack cloud computing platform, and deepens Ubuntu’s relationship with OpenStack.  The Grizzly release of OpenStack includes a lot of new functionality designed to make tasks such as image management, object storage and identity management easier. Mark Shuttleworth has been very vocal about close integration between this OpenStack release and Ubuntu Server 13.04, and he spoke about it at OpenStack Summit. Canonical is also focused on intergating Ubuntu Server with the next release of OpenStack, "Havana," which is slated for October. Ubuntu Server 13.04 with OpenStack integration accommodates high-availability (HA) OpenStack deployments with hperscale storage capabilities. Along with RedHat, Rackspace and many others, Canonical has been steadily marrying its cloud strategy to the open source OpenStack platform. And the OpenStack community made the early decision to implement its development processes around the Ubuntu development process,

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