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Xubuntu 13.04 Available For Download – Quick Overview [Screenshots, Video]

Xubuntu 13.04 has been released yesterday, along with the other Ubuntu flavors. Xubuntu uses Xfce as the default desktop environment and is a great alternative for those who prefer a traditional desktop layout with a panel on top, panel applets and so on.According to the Xubuntu developers, Xubuntu 13.04 is mostly a maintenance release so there aren’t many new features but there are some new default applications and some other interesting changes.Xubuntu 13.04 videoBelow you can watch a quick Xubuntu 13.04 overview:(direct video link; for more videos, subscribe to our YouTube channel)Xubuntu LiveCD no longer available, ISO now larger than 700MBStarting with 13.04, the Xubuntu images are larger than 700MB so they no longer fit on traditional CDs. The decision has been voted 8-0 by the Xubuntu team members and thanks to the extra space, some applications that were removed from the default installation in Xubuntu 12.10 are now back by default (see below).One of the reasons for this change is the “amount of developer time currently spent keeping the ISO small enough to fit on a CD”.Default applicationsThanks to the larger ISO used by Xubuntu 13.04, GIMP and Gnumeric, which were removed from the ISO for Xubuntu 12.10, are

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