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Hybrid, Private Clouds on the Agenda at Open Source Business Conference

The Open Source Business Conference (OSBC) is just getting underway in San Francisco, and it should come as no surprise that open source cloud computing is one of the main points of focus at the conference. Later today, a panel will convene on hybrid clouds, where a number of movers and shakers will discuss how companies are requiring public and private cloud deployments, and how open source cloud platforms serve these requirements. At the same time, though, there are some rumblings that private clouds aren’t all they are cracked up to be.  Forrester researchers recently reported that companies deploying private clouds aren’t implementing tools like self-service dashboards or chargeback features, raising questions about whether private cloud deployments are as robust as public ones. Meanwhile, The Register has reported on Amazon officials claiming that private clouds are essentiall vaporware in many cases: "Amazon Web Services (AWS) Adam Selipsky has told an event in Sydney, Australia, that private clouds aren’t really clouds….’You don’t get the benefits of the cloud without the cloud…’If you are buying gear, it is clearly capital expenditure and is likely still expensive. If you buy at enterprise level you have to guess at capacity and you

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