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Liquid Prompt: An Adaptive Prompt For Bash Or Zsh

Liquid Prompt is an adaptive, smart prompt for Bash and Zsh. It can display various useful information on the shell prompt, only when it’s needed, like the battery status when it’s discharging over a given threshold, an up arrow if using an HTTP proxy, the number of detached sessions  (screen or tmux) and more.Liquid Prompt can be configured so if you don’t want certain information to show up either because you don’t need it or because Liquid Prompt simply displays too much of it for your taste, you can easily disable some info from showing up by editing its configuration file.Here’s some of the info Liquid Prompt may (depending on the configuration and if it’s needed in a given context) display:the average of the processors load, if it is over a given limit, with a colormap that becomes more and more noticeable with increasing load;the error code of the last command, if it has failed in some way;a green ⏚ if the battery is charging, above the given threshold, but not charged, a yellow ⏚ if the battery is charging and under threshold, a yellow ⌁ if the battery is discharging but above threshold, a red ⌁ if the battery

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