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Linux Shorts: Sabayon 13.04, Korora 18, and SythOS

This week brought a monthly update release from Sabayon with experimental systemd and production ready UEFI. Korora is back after the project restructure with a fresh release. And Joel Leclerc has proposed an "experimental collaborative OS." Sabayon 13.04 brings Secure Boot and systemd Sabayon 13.04, the fourth monthly update release of 2013, was released Tuesday. It features Linux 3.8.8, KDE 4.10.2, GNOME 3.6.3, LibreOffice 4.0.1, Xorg X Server 1.13.3, and GCC 4.7.2. Fabio Erculiani et al. also have UEFI with Secure Boot support "production ready" this release. On top of that, the team also implemented systemd as an experimental option for the bravest of brave. Erculiani said, "systemd is going to replace openrc as the default init system in the following months, this however doesn’t mean that OpenRC will be abandoned. We do believe however that it’s time to move on, and leave the 90s and VHS once and for all." The new updated ISOs can be downloaded from here or pick your favorite mirror here. Korora 18 – It’s Aliiive Ian Firns, Korora developer, announced the first release of Korora based on Fedora 18. Korora 18 follows Kororaa Linux 17 by 10 months and Fedora 18 by three. The

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