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Get Better Linux Desktop Performance And More With pf-kernel

pf-kernel is a custom Linux Kernel that comes with some popular patches not merged into the mainline Kernel, such as:-ck patchset with BFS CPU scheduler: Con Kolivas’ ck1 patchset which includes the BFS scheduler that brings better desktop interactivity and responsiveness;BFQ I/O scheduler : using this patch, the disk should be virtually as responsive as if it was idle, no matter what the load is;TuxOnIce: an alternative suspend / hibernate framework that uses image compression, supports any number of swap partitions and/or files, has the ability to cancel hibernating or restoring the image by pressing escape key and more;UKSM: Memory De-Duplication;EnhanceIO: a driver based on EhanceIO SSD caching software derived from Facebook’s open source Flashcache project that’s useful for using SSDs as cache devices for traditional HDDs.As an example, below you can watch a video recorded by Paolo Valente, who is behind BFQ, demoing the performance of the BFQ disk I/O scheduler on a hard disk:(direct video link)Warning: Some things such as graphics drivers may not be compatible with pf-kernel since it may be a lot newer than the Linux Kernel used by default on your Linux distribution so be careful and only install it if you know what you

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