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Pinguy OS 13.04 (Final, Yet Beta) Released With GNOME 3.8

Pinguy OS 13.04 (based on Ubuntu 13.04) beta has been released recently, this being basically the final 13.04 version because Pinguy has decided to keep the 6 month releases as betas and only the LTS will be considered stable.The non-LTS releases will be using bleeding edge software, like XBMC 13.0 alpha or GNOME 3.8 / GNOME Shell 3.8 that’s included in Pinguy OS 13.04, which isn’t included by default in Ubuntu 13.04 and so, it isn’t considered fully stable in Ubuntu. According to a recent Pinguy OS blog post, the 6 month releases are usable, but they might not include features that will be available in the LTS:”The 6 month Pinguy OS releases will be missing features that will be in the final LTS, but the release will be very usable. It just won’t be at a stage where I am happy to call it stable due to missing features or things not quite working as they should. The goal of the 6 month releases is to help give users insight and influence on where Pinguy OS is heading and help shape the LTS release”Pinguy OSFor those not familiar with Pinguy OS, this is an Ubuntu remaster with lots of

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