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Tiny Tiny RSS Ubuntu PPA (Google Reader Alternative)

A while back we wrote about installing and configuring Tiny Tiny RSS in Ubuntu, a Google Reader (which will be closing in July) alternative that you can host on your computer / server, but the version available in the Ubuntu repositories is pretty old, so I’ve uploaded the latest Tiny Tiny RSS version to a PPA, which should make it a lot easier to install in Ubuntu 13.04, 12.10 or 12.04.At the time I’m writing this article, our PPA has Tiny Tiny RSS version 1.7.9, while Ubuntu 13.04 has version 1.6.2. Since version 1.6.2, there have been many changes, like interface and typography improvements, error logging, new plugin system that includes plugins such as importing starred/shared.json files from Google Reader takeout or emulate Google Reader keyboard shortcuts and others, improved feed update speed, implemented basic password recovery and many other new features, tweaks and bug fixes.Plugins available in Tiny Tiny RSS 1.7.9Install (and configure) the latest Tiny Tiny RSS in Ubuntu via PPAThe PPA packages are the work of Sebastian Reichel, who is maintaining Tiny Tiny RSS for Debian. I’ve just tweaked the package to work with the latest Tiny Tiny RSS 1.7.9 (Debian has 1.7.8 for now) and uploaded it

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