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How To Install MDM 1.2.5 From Linux Mint 15 In Ubuntu

MDM is the default Linux Mint display manager, forked from GDM 2.20, which means it supports the old GDM themes. Linux Mint 15 will ship with MDM 1.2.5 which has received support for HTML greeters (supports HTML5, CSS, Javascript and WebGL) and if you want to install it in Ubuntu, you can use a PPA to install both MDM 1.2.5 as well as the default MDM themes.Since the previous stable release, MDM has also received many under-the-hood improvements and bug fixes. For a complete feature list and more info on MDM, see its GitHub page.A MDM HTML themeBecause the default MDM themes are Linux Mint branded, I’ve tweaked some of them to integrate better with Ubuntu, and renamed the package to “ubuntu-mdm-themes”. But I’m no graphics designer so you may want to tweak them further – this can easily be done since the themes are mostly HTML / CSS, so look under /usr/share/mdm/themes/ for GDM themes and in /usr/share/mdm/html-themes/ for the new HTML themes and change them to suit your needs or create your own theme.Here are some of the themes available by default in Linux Mint and in our PPA:MDM HTML themeMDM HTML themeMDM GDM themeMDM GDM themeMDM GDM

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