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Intel Linux Graphics Installer Available For Ubuntu 13.04

Intel has released a new version of its Linux Graphics Drivers Installer and with it, the installer is now available for Ubuntu 13.04.For those who are not familiar with the Intel Linux Graphics Installer, this a relatively new tool created by Intel that lets you easily install the latest video drivers for Intel hardware. The installer consists of a GUI tool and a repository that’s automatically added and then used to install / upgrade new driver versions.The installer includes the 2013Q1 Intel Linux Graphics Stack Release, which brings full Haswell support, OpenGL ES 3.0 support and many new OpenGL extensions and is available for Ubuntu 13.04 and 12.10 as well as Fedora 18 and 17.For what’s new in the latest 2013Q1 Intel Linux Graphics Stack Release, see THIS page. Oddly, Ubuntu 12.04, a long term support release, is no longer supported by the Intel Linux Graphics Installer. It seems the installer only supports the last two Ubuntu and Fedora releases and doesn’t take LTS releases into account.In case you’re wondering why you may need this installer, Joe Konno from Intel has an answer for this in the Intel Open Source Linux Graphics forums, which I’ll quote below:”[…] The Installer is

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