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Highly Configurable GNOME Shell Theme `Elegance Colors` Sees New Release

Elegance Colors, a highly customizable, chameleonic GNOME Shell theme, has reached version 2.2.0, bringing some major configuration UI changes, new theme customization options, performance improvements and more. Since our last article, the theme has also got support for GNOME Shell 3.8 (it now supports both 3.6 and 3.8).Elegance Colors is a GNOME Shell theme that can automatically change its colors based on the current GTK theme or wallpaper. But that’s not all: the theme comes with a configuration GUI that lets you change most of the GNOME Shell theme elements, so you can basically make brand new themes using it.The configuration GUI lets you change the panel text color, border color and width, change the gradients for the background, search entry and more, change the buttons colors, set the theme roundness, enable or disable drop shadows, set the transition duration and many other settings. Further more, the theme comes with some default presets (which change the theme look completely): Google, Numix, Pantheon, Gaia, Dark Shine, Clear, Matte, Tron Legacy and Ubuntu Phone. You can also export or import presets from the Elegance Colors Preferences. Changes in Elegance Colors 2.2.0 since our previous article:supports GNOME Shell 3.6 and 3.8;major UI changes

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