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How To Automatically Mute Music When Receiving VoIP Calls [PulseAudio]

By default, in Ubuntu and probably other Linux distributions, if you’re playing music in Rhythmbox, Audacious and so on while receiving a call in applications such as Skype, Ekiga Softphone, SFLphone VoIP Client and other VoIP applications, the music continues to play even after answering the call. PulseAudio has a feature that allows pausing or muting the music when receiving a call, but it’s not enabled by default, at least in Ubuntu, so here’s how to enable it. To be able to use this PulseAudio feature, you need to enable two PulseAudio modules (one is already enabled in Ubuntu): “module-role-cork” and “module-augment-properties” and for applications that don’t support this by default, to add a media.role to the application desktop file. Rhythmbox, Banshee and Skype (probably other applications too) already have this build-in so for them, you only need to load the PulseAudio modules I was talking about earlier (see below). Here’s the behavior you should expect after using the instructions below:for some applications that have this feature built-in, the music player (Rhythmbox, Banshee) will pause the music when answering a call on Skype, SFLphone, etc.;some applications that have this feature build-in will mute the sound when answering a call on

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