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Better Font Rendering In Linux With Infinality

Many of you have probably already heard of Infinality, but I’ve decided to write a post about it anyway, for those who aren’t familiar with it yet, because it greatly improves the font rendering on Linux.Infinality is a set of Freetype patches that try to provide an improved font rendering for Linux and also, to allow easy customization so the users can adjust the settings to their taste. Using it, you can easily set the font style to emulate OSX, OSX2, Windows 98, WIndows XP or Windows 7 or you can use the “Linux” or “Infinality” (default) styles.While Infinality is very useful for most Linux distributions, the Ubuntu font rendering is pretty good already, but even so, there are quite a few Ubuntu users who install Infinality, like Miroslav Hadzhiev (Мирослав Хаджиев), Ubuntu Bulgarian Translators admin, who says that: “[…] this [Infinality] project has brought me back to Linux. I work with documents all day long so the fonts are VERY important to me”.Using Infinality in Ubuntu, the fonts are easier on the eyes and while you may not notice a major or even any difference at all in the screenshot below, you should see the difference after you’ve used

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