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Xfce Theme Manager: A Single GUI To Change Any Xfce Theme (With Previews)

Xfce uses multiple settings GUIs for setting the window border, controls, icons, mouse cursor theme and so on and it doesn’t include any thumbnails. However, if you customize your Xfce desktop frequently, you can use a tool called Xfce Theme Manager which allows you to change the themes from a single GUI and it also includes thumbnails so you can see how the theme looks like before applying it.Xfce Theme Manager allows settings the following:complete Xfce theme (window border, controls)window borders onlycontrols onlyicon themecursor themechange the wallpaperAlso, under “Advanced” (screenshot above), you can adjust various settings like backdrop brightness and saturation, window button layout, window title position, change the fonts and the cursor size.Other features included in Xfce Theme Manager:customizable theme preview size: you can choose between huge, large, medium and small previews;save the current theme (in case you use the window border from one theme and the controls from another theme for instance) which includes the wallpaper, font and so on;reset the theme.I did find one annoyance with Xfce Theme Manager though: when installing new themes, you must click the “Rebuild DB” (rebuild the themes database) under “Advanced” or else the newly installed themes won’t show up or at

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