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Try The New LibreOffice Flat Icon Set

It looks like LibreOffice will get a new set of flat icons, based on Gnome’s symbolic icons. The icon set isn’t completed yet, but you can try it already – below you’ll find instructions on how to easily try the new icons.Goran Rakić has posted instructions on how to test the new Libreoffice flat icon set, however, the instructions are not that easy to follow for regular users and the zip in that article is a bit old, so below you’ll find easy instructions for how to try the latest flat icons.Note: the icon theme is work in progress and there are missing icons. For this reason, some of the icons in this set are actually already existing default LibreOffice icons, converted to grayscale, so they integrate better with the new flat icons. The icon theme has been generated from the svg as of 2013-06-13.Try the new flat icon set for LibreOffice in Ubuntu1. Install LibreOffice flat icon setIf you’re using LibreOffice from the official Ubuntu repositories or PPA:sudo apt-get install libreoffice-style-crystalcd /tmp && wget https://github.com/hotice/myfiles/raw/master/images_flat.zipsudo cp images_flat.zip /usr/share/libreoffice/share/config/images_crystal.zipThe first command above install the LibreOffice Crystal icon set which we’ll replace with the new flat icons, the second command downloads

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