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Certificates For Ubuntu Members

The Ubuntu community is a core part of what makes us what we are, and right at the center of that are our Ubuntu Members. Ubuntu Members provide *significant and sustained* contributions over a wide range of areas such as packaging, documentation, programming, translations, advocacy, support, and more. We always want to do our best to recognize and appreciate our many members in the Ubuntu family, across these many different teams and our flavors.
I am pleased to announce a new benefit for new Ubuntu Members. When you become approved as an official Ubuntu Member, you will be mailed a printed certificate signed by Mark Shuttleworth, founder of the Ubuntu project to recognize your membership. We hope you put it up on your wall where you contribute to Ubuntu and bring freedom and openness to technology.
A few notes:

The certificates are rather nice. Designed by the design team and printed on nice stock, they are a nice representation of your membership.
We will only send you one certificate; you don’t get a new one when you renew your membership.
Due to the fact that we currently have **769** active Ubuntu members, we don’t have the time or resources to send every existing member a

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