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Synapse Indicator: New Search AppIndicator Based On Synapse Launcher

Synapse Indicator is a new, unofficial search indicator created for elementary OS. The application should also work under Unity or the Ubuntu GNOME fallback session.Synapse Indicator in elementary OS LunaLike the name suggests, this is a front-end for Synapse, a semantic launcher used to start applications and find relevant files using Zeitgeist, extensible through plugins. It’s a great, lightweight alternative to the once very popular GNOME Do or to Unity’s Dash.While the functionality is basically the same, there are some interface differences: with Synapse Indicator, there’s no need to scroll to see all the search results, unlike the original Synapse. Moreover, using the AppIndicator, the results are nicely displayed under categories, so you can quickly distinguish between applications, files and so on. Also, this is useful for those who don’t want to use a keyboard shortcut to run Synapse. And of course, the AppIndicator integrates great with the elementary OS desktop, as you can see in the screenshot above.According to Tom Beckmann, the Synapse Indicator developer, it is unlikely for this to become default in elementary OS. “If at all, it’d be it’s [Slinghot’s] search feature”, says Tom on Google+. But if you want to use it, you can easily install

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