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Linux Deepin 12.12 Released With New Desktop Environment, More [Video, Screenshots]

Linux Deepin is a Chinese Linux distribution (English ISO files are available as well) based on Ubuntu, that ships with its own desktop environment and some unique applications, which integrate with the overall Linux Deepin look and feel.Linux Deepin 12.12, based on Ubuntu 13.04, has been released today and comes with a huge list of changes and improvements, including a new desktop environment: Deepin Desktop Environment (DDE). Previously, Linux Deepin has used a highly customized GNOME Shell as the default desktop environment. The latest version, 12.12, was supposed to be released by the end of December 2012, but because its developers wanted to offer a stable, high quality Linux distribution and that couldn’t be achieved in time, it was postponed, until today, when the 12.12 version has finally been released.Linux Deepin 12.12 video(direct video link)Deepin Desktop EnvironmentDeepin Desktop Environment (DDE) tries to continue with the same look and feel Linux Deepin had in the previous releases, but without using GNOME Shell. The menu will probably remind you of the GNOME Shell Activities Overview while the indicators on the bottom dock look more or less like those used in elementary OS Luna. But, unlike Pantheon and GNOME Shell, Deepin Desktop

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