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How to take screenshot of the login screen of Linux Mint 15

Most screenshots of the login screen in the Linux distro reviews on the internet were taken from virtual machine. However, you can easily take the screenshot of the genuine login screen of Linux Mint 15. In both MATE and Cinnamon edition, just use any text editor (as root) to edit the file /etc/mdm/Init/Default.

Scroll through the whole file and right above the last line (exit 0), you add a command to take screenshot with a delay . In Linux Mint MATE, the command to take screenshot will be:

( mate-screenshot -d 5) &

In the Cinnamon version, the command will be:

( gnome-screenshot -d 5) &

With 5 as the delay of 5 seconds.

The file should look like this:

After that, you can log out, wait on the login screen for some seconds and you will have the screenshot of the login screen of Linux Mint 15:

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