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Improving web services for Ubuntu

For a long time now, we’ve been seeing issues come up in user testing with the fact that we have different services providing different functionalities which are all connected.
Three examples are Ubuntu Single Sign On (used to log into most services related to Ubuntu), Ubuntu One (the cloud syncing service) and Ubuntu Pay (a service that takes payments).
We continually see people expecting that they will get a coherent and integrated experience among all those services.
We will start taking steps in that direction by launching a new design that comes with a re-branding of the Ubuntu Single Sign On service, renaming it to Ubuntu One, under which we will be unifying our online services. Ubuntu One will therefore become your single account to access apps, content and services in Ubuntu.
This first step just changes the user interface and comes with a significant improvement of the general design.
Over time you will start seeing that the information these separate services gather and provide will start to be accessible all from the same place, removing a lot of the confusion we see today.
Nothing you are using today should change, you will just see a new face on the page you log into.
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