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Slim Wingpanel: Old-Style Floating Wingpanel For elementary OS Luna

When it was first released, Wingpanel, the panel used by default in elementary OS, had a different design, floating above windows instead of using all the space at the top of the screen, saving screen real estate while still providing access to the indicators.In time, Wingpanel has lost its initial design. But, thanks to Heath Paddock’s work and Eduard Gotwig’s PPA, you can easily install a floating “wingpanel” (Slim Wingpanel) in elementary OS Luna.The design isn’t identical to the original Wingpanel though: there’s some space on the right so the panel doesn’t hide the maximize/restore button displayed on the right by default in elementary OS Luna.Please note that Slim Wingpanel only displays the indicators, so Slingshot will not show up on the panel if you install this. Instead, you can use Synapse Indicator for instance.Install Slim Wingpanel in elementary OS Luna1. To add Eduard Gotwig’s PPA (which also provides Synapse Indicator) and install Slim Wingpanel in elementary OS Luna, use the following commands:sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gotwig/weeklysudo apt-get updatesudo apt-get install wingpanel2. Since elementary OS Luna is currently under development and newer Winpanel versions will be uploaded to its repositories, you must pin the package in Eduard’s PPA so it’s not overwritten.

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