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Gufw Firewall 13.10 Released With New Features, Refreshed Layout

Gufw, a firewall that uses UFW (Uncomplicated Firewall) under the hood, has been updated recently, getting a new layout and some important new features.Ubuntu ships with UFW (Uncomplicated Firewall), a configuration tool for iptables, but it’s not enabled by default. Even though UFW does a great job, it’s a command line tool so to make things even easier, Gufw has been created with the goal of being an intuitive, easy to use GUI tool for home users.So what’s a firewall? In short, a firewall is used to prevent unauthorized access to the computer it runs on, by analyzing the incoming and outgoing network traffic. With Gufw 13.10, managing UFW Firewall has become a lot easier, thanks to some important new features added in the latest release:profiles support;230 dynamic preconfigured rules: using this, you can add a firewall rule by simply selecting from the list of known applications (230 with the new release);editable rules;import / export rules;human names for rules;new log behavior;a getting started tutorial is now displayed in the main window;more.And of course, there’s also a refreshed layout:Download Gufw FirewallThe latest Gufw 13.10 is available in the official Ubuntu 13.10 repositories so to install it, click the button below:For older

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