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Linux Potpourri: KDE 4.11 Beta, Debian 7.1, & Pisi Linux Beta

There’s rarely a dull moment in Open Source World and if you look away for just a second you’ll miss something. Here are several interesting tidbits I found in my feeds I wished to share. KDE released 4.11 beta at the end of last week and it did indeed ship with Wayland support. Debian released an update to 7.0 Saturday and Pisi Linux (1.0) has made its first public appearance. KDE 4.11 Beta with Wayland Last Thursday the KDE team announced KDE Software Compilation 4.11 Beta1. The announcement featured highlights such as: * Qt Quick is continuing to make its way into the Plasma Workspaces * Nepomuk semantic engine received massive performance optimizations * Kontact got a faster indexer, Nepomuk improvements, and a new theme editor for email headers * KWin got experimental support for Wayland and OpenGL improvements Some planned work includes bringing the KTeaTime system tray progress indicator back, porting components and add-ons to QML, Vim-mode support in Kate, a Create New Folder option for Dolphin, and improved history retention in Klipper. The 4.11 todo list is still a bit red, but more green is seeping in. Beta 2 is due June 26 and RC1 is

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