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Fedora 19 Release Candidate Quietly Posted

The final release of Fedora 19 is due July 2 and a Release Candidate 1 was quietly released to testers in the early hours of June 25. Fedora’s list of new features is never boring and version 19 follows suite. Let’s see what’s coming. As I look down through the Accepted Features List, I see almost a full house of 100 percents. The only feature still stuck at 90% is "AnacondaNewUI Followup," summarized as, "this feature describe[s] the high level work items we have for anaconda related to newui in F-19." Another with a question mark is "First-Class Cloud Images," which is to make cloud images other than just EC2. Most of its implementation is postponed until F20.   Some of the new features of version 19 include:   * BIND10: popular DNS/DHCP server rewritten to be modular and supporting SQL backends * CUPS 1.6: updated version uses PDF as baseline instead of PostScript * Developers Assistant: sets up developmental environments not just for beginners, but also others new to Linux or Fedora. * GCC 4.8.x: lots of cool improvements such as a new general optimization level -Og which provides lots of debugging with higher performance.

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