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Install GIMP 2.8.6 In Ubuntu [PPA]

GIMP 2.8.6 has been released recently, bringing many bug fixes and small enhancements. In this release, the single-window mode has received special attention and some annoyances, like the close button not quitting GIMP or the right docks not keeping their size, have been fixed.Changes in GIMP 2.8.6 (stable):Fix saving to URIs, it was broken to only allow exporting, and fix save/export of compressed files;Fix brush spacing for drawing in any direction;Increase the maximum size of clipboard brushes and patterns to 1024×1024;Make sure data objects are saved when only their name was changed;Don’t allow single-window docks to shrink smaller than their requisition;Make sure a single-window’s right docks keep their size across sessions;Allow to change the spacing of non-generated brushes again;In single-window mode, make Escape move the focus to the canvas and beep if the focus is already there;Be smarter about unavailable fonts, and don’t crash;Make clicking the single-window’s close button quit GIMP;Make view-close (Ctrl+W) only close image windows and tabs, not docks;Add SIGNED_ROUND() which also rounds negative values correctly;Make GIMP_PLUGIN_DEBUG work again after GLib changed logging;Fix zealous crop for transparent borders;Add a default “Color from Gradient” dynamics and tool preset;Many other bug fixes and translation updates.GIMP 2.8.x is the stable branch

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