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Xfce4 Composite Editor: Easily Change Compositor Settings Not Available Via Window Manager Tweaks [Xfce]

Xfce4 Composite Editor is a tool that lets you easily tweak various Xfce window manager compositor settings that are not available in the Window Manager Tweaks settings panel.The tool has been created by Keith Hedger, the Xfce Theme Manager developer, and it allows changing the following composite settings:shadow opacity;Shadow delta X, Y, width and height;move window opacity;inactive window opacity;frame opacity;resize window opacity;popup opacity.Some settings are live, meaning that they are applied instantly, while others require a window manager restart which can easily be done from Xfce WM Composite Editor dialog.The tool also allows you to enable/disable composite, dock shadow, frame shadow or popup shadow.These settings are available in the XConf Settings Editor but, according to the Xfce4 Composite Editor developer, “the xconf settings editor is one of the most awkward GUI’s I have ever used as you have to select the xfwm4 channel, expand the tree, scroll to the option you want, select it, click edit, change the setting and click save, then the tree gets collapsed and you have to start again”. Using this tool should make it a lot easier to change all these Xfce Compositor settings.Install Xfce4 Composite EditorXubuntu users can install Xfce4 Composite Editor from the

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