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As Firefox OS Phones Roll Out, Don't Forget Ubuntu Phones

As Mozilla’s Firefox OS arrives in new phones, it’s grabbing lots of headlines and faring well in hands-on tests, which bodes well for the mobile operating system that Mozilla is aligning its entire organization around. I’ve written before that I think goodwill toward Mozilla and open source will make Firefox OS phones early successes. At the same time, though, Canonical is moving steadily ahead with its plans for Ubuntu phones. In case you missed it, the company has announced a whopping eight carriers that will support the new phones and help boost development. And, Canonical is even hiring to move its smartphone plans along. Canonical’s recently announced Carrier Advisory Group (CAG) consists of an impressive mix of international carriers. According to the official announcement: "Canonical today announces the formation of a Carrier Advisory Group (CAG) that will shape Ubuntu for the mobile industry. Founding members of the CAG are Deutsche Telekom, Everything Everywhere, Korea Telecom, Telecom Italia, LG UPlus, Portugal Telecom, SK Telecom  and the leading Spanish international carrier. Only CAG members will have access to early information about Ubuntu and device manufacturer plans to support the OS, as well as the opportunity to be a launch partner for

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