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Fedora 19 Available For Download

Fedora 19 “Schrödinger’s Cat” has been released today, featuring the latest stable GNOME 3.8, a new initial setup and other interesting changes.New initial setupThe latest Fedora 19 includes a new initial setup (which was supposed to be introduced with Fedora 18, but was delayed) which allows users to perform some basic actions the first time they boot into Fedora. Users can select the language, keyboard layout, add cloud services and, if no user has been created during the installation process, a new user can easily be created from this initial setup: After the initial setup completes, an animation displaying some GNOME Shell basic usage is displayed in full-screen (I didn’t create a video because the animation was very slow in VirtualBox):GNOME 3.8Fedora 19 ships with GNOME 3.8, which comes with numerous changes and new features, including:new Activities Overview applications view;overhauled search which can now include results from applications;new Privacy, Notifications and Search GNOME Settings panels;a new Classic mode is available for GNOME 3.8, replacing the old GNOME fallback mode. This offers a GNOME2-like layout by using some extensions on top of GNOME Shell. To install it, see below;GNOME Clocks and Weather, two new application added with GNOME 3.8, are available

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