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Clementine Player : A very good audio player

Today I want to show you one of my essential programs when coding or surfing the net.
Clementine is one of the best audio players, hyper-complete, highly configurable, powerful but easy to use, Clementine Player is simply the ideal for me. Multiplatform, open source and free, it’s a real pearl to try without hesitation.
Clementine is a music player and library organizer, It is a port of Amarok 1.4 to the Qt 4 framework and the GStreamer multimedia framework. It is available for Unix-like, Windows and Mac OS X.
Clementine was created because of the Amarok transition from version 1.4 to version 2, and the shift of focus connected with it, which was criticized by many users. The first version of Clementine was released in February 2010
If you had been a Windows user who moved recently to Linux and searching for equivalent to Winamp and iTunes or simply searching for a good tool to organize your music library and enjoy your time, this is an additional reason that this article is for you.

It is not so difficult to find on the Internet, an audio librarymanager or player because there are many alternatives like Amarok and Winamp… but it’s hard to find a good library organizer.
Clementine Player is a free software with many features very well implemented. It is inspired by Amarok, focusing on a fast and easy-to-use interface for searching and playing your music. It supports the most commons audio types(mp3, ogg, flac, aac, etc.)..
The software is built around 4 main areas: the sidebar to choose access to its various media, the navigation pane to select artists, albums and/or titles to add to the playlist, the playlist at the right and finally the play bar at the bottom.


Simple to use, it will take the user on first boot to choose the files in

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