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Design‐led Open Source With Codename Prometheus

In Greek mythology, Prometheus was the name of the Titan who defied Zeus and brought the gift of fire to humanity, which he created out of clay. Generally a heroic figure, Prometheus seems like an apt name for a project that aims to bring the “fire” of user-centered design to the open source community. Codename Prometheus is the new project being launched by designer Aral Balkan to create a new product that is design-led, as opposed to feature-led. I’ve talked about design and open source here a few times before. My conclusion remains the same, and the enormity of the challenge has only grown over time. The Linux desktop is disjointed, an assortment of items in a constant state of flux. The “next version” is always the one that is going to pull it together. I still believe that Ubuntu has done a fairly good job with making design a priority, but they seem to have focused so far on how the desktop looks, how the desktop works is another matter entirely. Given that the desktop experience is rather subpar, I have very little hope that the mobile experience will be as seamless as it needs to be.

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