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Google's Motorola-based Moto X Strategy Clearer in New Ads

Following its $12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola Mobility, it’s been clear that Google has ambitious smartphone plans that extend well beyond the success that it has already had with the Android mobile OS. But it hasn’t been clear exactly what new Moto X smartphones will be like, or how Motorola’s phones produced under Google’s wing might impact Google’s focus on open source and open standards in the mobile space. Now, the first promotions surrounding Moto X phones are arriving, and they strongly imply that users and developers will have much control over the Moto X platform. You can check out the new promotions here. They emphasize this tagline: "Celebrate the freedom to design a smartphone as unique as you are." There have been reports that Moto X phones might arrive by August 1, although there is no official confirmation. Meanwhile, there has never been such a big year for open source phones as this one. Phones based on Mozilla’s Firefox OS have arrived and phones running Ubuntu are expected by October. We are going to be looking at a new smartphone arena where Apple’s iOS and Android are not the only games in town.  Motorola is promoting

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