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How to change or disable login sound in Linux Mint 15

I never liked the login sound of Linux Mint so I disabled it immediately after installing Linux Mint 15. If you want to do the same, here is how:

In both version of Linux Mint 15, to disable or change the login sound you will need to access the Login Window Preferences. In MATE, you open the Mint Menu then go to the Control Center. In the Control Center window, look for the Login Window option:

In Cinnamon, you open the Mint Menu, the go to Administration > Login Window.

You then will be asked to enter the root password. After that, when the Login Window Preference opens, go to the Accessibility tab. To disable to login sound, you need to uncheck the two boxes of the Login sound, as according to the following image:

Now you can reboot and the login sound of Linux Mint 15 is already disabled.

In case you want to edit the login sound, just click on the sound boxes to select any new sound file for the login sound in Linux Mint 15:

The only thing you need to remember is that the extension of the new sound file must be .ogg. To convert a .mp3 file into .ogg, you can use the following command with ffmpeg:
ffmpeg -i input-file.mp3 output-file.ogg

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