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New Breath of Fresh Air with Mint

For the last couple of days I’ve been getting input/output errors while running my everyday install and eventually things would just halt. I decided I better get what I wanted off that drive because it was probably failing. This seemed like a good time to do more than boot Linux Mint 15 KDE (rc). It was time for a full install. Unfortunately, I wasn’t planning on writing about my experience, and I didn’t take notes. So, from memory everything seemed to proceed as one might wish. The installer was quick and easy, including the bootloader step. After install, I used the Drivers Manager to install and activate NVIDIA drivers. Then using the NVIDIA-Settings tool I configured my dual screens as I like them. So far so good. Importing mail and feed archives went smoothly in Mint’s KDE 4.10.3. Customizing the desktop was fun. I first noticed this new Steampunk theme in Mint’s new Desktop Manager in HTML, so that set the ball rolling. Then I downloaded a Steampunk desktop theme and a cursor theme from KDE-Look.org and found some wallpapers on the Internet. Even better. Then I had a bit of trouble with my tv card. For a while I

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