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Light Locker: A New Session Locker For LightDM

Light Locker is a new session locker for LightDM forked from GNOME Screensaver (3.6.1). The tool doesn’t have any desktop-specific dependencies and it locks and unlocks the session via ConsoleKit / UPower or logind / systemd.The locker displays a message on a black background saying that the session has been locked and after a few seconds it displys the unlock dialog (LightDM):According to Simon Steinbeiß, one of its developers, Light Locker might make it into Xubuntu 13.10. But until then, the tool needs testing so if you can help, give it a try by using the instructions below.In my test under Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy Salamander, the locker didn’t work too well: while I was able to successfully lock the screen via the lock command (and a keyboard shortcut I’ve assigned), the screen didn’t lock after resuming from suspend. Also, the message I was telling you above wasn’t displayed when locking the screen by using the lock command, but only when suspending the system via dbus (and then, after entering the password to unlock the session, the message got stuck on the screen without actually unlocking the desktop).For a bit more about Light Locker,

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