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Command Line Video Download Tool `youtube-dl` Gets Support For 17 New Websites

Youtube-dl is a command line tool that allows downloading videos from YouTube and other similar websites. Recently, youtube-dl has received support for 17 new websites: hotnewhiphop.com, auengine.com, gamespot.com, RingTV, wat.tv, traileraddict.com, tu.tv, instagram.com, Statigr.am, break.com, tudou.com, Jukebox, Wimp.com, CSpan, 3sat, brightcove.com and archive.org.Compared to the version available in the Ubuntu repositories (13.04, 12.10 or 12.04), there are many other changes in the latest youtube-dl (version 2013.07.08.1), including:Improved support for encrypted signatures in Youtube;Improved support for videos from ArteTv;Vimeo: allow to download password protected videos;Youtube: A lot of work for downloading VEVO videos;Fixed downloading from Google+ videos;Added support for downloading automatic transcribed subtitles;Added support for downloading subtitles in WebVTT (vtt) format;Improved support for Youtube’s crypto signing fields;YouTube subscription feed download support;Dailymotion: fixed the download of the video in the max quality;Fixed bash completion.Besides the newly added websites, youtube-dl also supports: YouTube (besides single videos it also supports playlists, searches and user videos), metacafe.com, Google Video (including searches), Pinsthotobucket, Dailymotion, DepositFiles, blip.tv, Vimeo, myvideo.de, The Daily Show / Colbert Nation, The Escapist, CollegeHumor, arte.tv, Soundcloud, xvideos, infoq, mixcloud, Stanford Open Content, Youku, MTV, Xnxx, Google Plus and there’s also a generic downloader that works with some other sites.The application comes with many

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