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Why Linux Reviews Don't Really Matter

Once upon a time I wrote distribution reviews for a living. That’s all I did. Now I ain’t saying I was the best, in fact, I’m sure barely competent describes my work and knowledge. Nevertheless, I did learn one important truth when it comes to writing Linux reviews and, case in point, Jack Germain’s LinuxInsider article titled "Many Minor Glitches Make Mint 15 More Work Than It’s Worth." Germain states his thesis right off the bat saying, "The latest release of Linux Mint 15, nicknamed "Olivia," tries really hard to reach new design goals but is marred by a series of petty flaws." He outlined some of the issues in his summary: * a flawed installation process * recurring sound problems * outdated application software * Backup Tool failed I did experience a weird sound issue where I had to install alsamixer to unmute a particular channel – you’d think there’d be a better way, but it worked. However, nothing has reoccurred. It continues to work as do all the other areas where sound is enabled. He says Mint 15 always fails to recognize his sound hardware upon boot and he has to reboot to let it try again. This

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