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PCLOS Releases Trio of Maintenance Updates

The PCLinuxOS project earlier released maintenance updates for several of their popular varieties of Linux operating systems. Version 2013.07 of MATE, LXDE, and KDE MiniMe editions commonly feature Linux 3.4.52, Xorg 1.10.4, and GCC 4.7.2. Maintenance releases fix minor and security bugs while providing for new installs, but loyal users are encouraged to update through the update manager. Regular updates have been appearing this year from the small independent team after a spell of spotty maintenance. Today’s (yesterday’s) updates are the fourth such releases this year. Their showcase version, referred to as the "Full Monty," was updated last month. PCLinuxOS-MATE 2013.0715 Today’s updates refresh package versions and MATE will now feature PulseAudio by default, so now they can experience the lack of user control the rest of us enjoy. A series of incomplete sentences leaves one guessing: All of the Mate desktop applications plus Firefox, Thunderbird, Pidgin, Great Little Radio Player, Simple Screen Recorder and Skype. Clementine and VLC multimedia players. PysolFC for recreation. Either all those apps have been added, updated, or now use PulseAudio. See the full announcement for download links. PCLinuxOS-LXDE 2013.07 The announcement for the LXDE version states, "PCLinuxOS LXDE 2013.07 is now available for 32

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