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ROSA Recruits Fresh GNOME Desktop

ROSA has primarily been a customized KDE desktop distribution. But today the ROSA folks announced an officially supported GNOME 3 variation of their Fresh R1 release. And, ROSA somehow managed to make GNOME 3 consistent with the look of their ROSA desktop.   The simple ROSA theme gives a consistent look across desktops   Previously GNOME lovers could use an unsupported GNOME 2 version of ROSA, but starting with this year’s release, GNOME 3 is officially supported by ROSA. The announcement says ROSA FRESH R1 GNOME Beta features: 1) added support for Ilya Birman typography layout 2) the white GNOME Shell theme is used by default 3) some extensions are available out of the box: Dash to Dock, Weather, Notification Alert, Alternative Status Menu, GNOME clssic mode etc. 4) Firefox is back as the default browser due to the some issues with Chromium API keys 5) the gnome-initial-setup is used for new user setup 6) the fonts settings module from gnome-tweak-tool was added to the GNOME Control Center 7) Ubuntu patches for better fonts rendering on LCDs The ROSA GNOME Beta includes:   * Linux 3.8.12 * GNOME 3.8 * Firefox 22 * Evolution 3.8.3 *

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