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Wine 1.6 Released With ~10,000 Changes

After 16 months of development, a new stable Wine version has been released: 1.6, bringing around 10,000 changes, including full support for window transparency, a new Mono package for .NET application support well as a new Mac driver.Among the changes in the latest Wine 1.6 are:Window transparency support, including both color keying and alpha blending transparency;All window rendering is now done on the client-side using the DIB engine (except for OpenGL rendering). This means that rendering to windows or bitmaps gives identical results;X11 server-side font rendering is no longer supported. All fonts are rendered client-side using FreeType;There are significant performance improvements in the DIB engine, particularly for text rendering, bitmap stretching, alpha blending, and gradients;Sub-pixel font anti-aliasing is now supported in the DIB engine, using the system anti-aliasing configuration from FontConfig;Raw input support for keyboard and mouse;There is a joystick applet in the control panel, to allow configuring joysticks and testing their behavior;Support for Randr 1.2 and 1.3; DOSBox is tried first when running a DOS application. The Wine DOS support is only used as a fallback when DOSBox cannot be found, and will be removed in a future release;Wine can now be configured to report the Windows version as

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