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DynDNS and ddclient: access your Linux from anywhere

Article By Oussama Krifa
Accessing your home computer (I’ll call it server on this article) from a remote location (that I’ll call client) outside the local network, can be very interesting, for example, listening to streaming music played by MPD, managing downloads in the bittorrent client Transmission through its web interface, controlling the machine via SSH … However, before accessing your server remotely, you must know the “address” or IP (Internet Protocol address), but generally at home they are provided dynamically, through the Internet Service Provider, so it’s not so easy to know the IP of your home server.
We will see how to automatically update the DNS name on a domain name server (DynDNS) with the current IP address of the server thanks to ddclient.

Domain Name
We’ll start by creating a “domain name” with one of the services supported by ddclient, namely DynDNS that allows you to create two free “hostnames”.

First, you can enter the name of the subdomain you want and select the desired main domain. So you get an address such as hometest.dyndns.org
Regarding the desired service, it is a Host with IP address. In the IP Address field, just logically click on the link below, which shows your address, provided that you do this operation from the station you want to make accessible from outside. You can proceed to the next step by clicking on the Add To Cart button that sends you to a registration form. Once you have registered and validation of your domain, you should be able to connect to your server from a client machine (via your browser) to the address you have chosen in our example hometest.dyndns.org.
However, the IP address of your server changes on a regular basis and it is therefore necessary to update, at each change, our DynDNS profile. This is where the

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