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The Topsy-Turvy World of Open Source Crowdfunding

While at times the world of crowdsourced funding for promising open source projects may seem like a crapshoot, there are some significant projects launching with money chipped in at online sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. In fact, as of Tuesday morning this week, the Indiegogo campaign for funding the much talked about Ubuntu Edge mobile phone from Canonical has surpassed $7 million in crowdsourced funding. That may seem like a lot of money given that the funding drive started only a few days ago, but it’s far short of the $32 million that Canonical is seeking to drive the effort. Still, we are seeing these crowdsourced funding efforts aiding important open source concepts. As Jon noted here last week, supporters "will get to drive in the Formula 1 of the mobile industry" by purchasing and contributing to the development of the  Ubuntu Edge Phone. You can watch a video about the project here.  Above all, Canonical’s move to seek funding through Indiegogo instead of working directly with carriers is a bold move and a vote of confidence in the crowdsourcing concept. And, the $7 million reached so far is nothing to shake a stick at, even though Canonical is

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