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Unity 8 Available In The Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy Salamander Repositories

Unity 8, the Ubuntu Phone Qml Shell, has landed in the Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy Salamander repositories.For now, Unity 8 is in its early alpha stages and not ready for use, and in fact, there’s a message on the wallpaper used by it that says just that:And indeed, while I was able to run it on my Saucy computer, most stuff didn’t work: I wasn’t able to access the launcher on the left using the mouse, the indicators didn’t work and so on. Also, the phone applications that show up in Unity 8 are dummy apps so they don’t actually work (and furthermore, clicking any of them freezes Unity 8 for now).Unity 8 currently runs as an app and you can switch from the phone to the tablet mode by resizing its window:According to the Unity8Desktop Ubuntu wiki entry, the following Unity 8 features should work for the final Ubuntu 13.10 release:Keyboard input, including hotkeys similar to those in Unity7;Mouse, touchscreen, scroll wheels, touchpads, and other existing input devices;The HUD should be available;Indicators should be available. Should include at a minimum the Networking indicator;The Unity 8 Shell and its components adjusts to local screen size.Content discovery should be working. At a

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