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AeroFS Makes Cloudless, Secure File Sync Easy

AeroFS is a private file synchronization tool, somewhat similar to BitTorrent Sync, which synchronizes the data directly between clients, without using a central cloud server. The AeroFS client is available for Linux, Windows, Mac OS X and Android.The tool is free for personal use (1-3 teammates), with unlimited syncing and 1 collaboration folder or, if you want unlimited collaborators, you must pay a fee of $10 per teammate/month.Like other file sync tools such as Dropbox or Ubuntu one, AeroFS synchronizes the contents of a folder across all your devices but, unlike these services, it doesn’t use a central server * – instead, the files are synced directly between devices. This means that your data is safe, the sync speed doesn’t depend on a central server and there are no storage space limitations.* Optionally, you can install a tool called AeroFS Team Server, available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X, which acts as a central repository for all your team’s files. Using it, the entire team’s files can be backed up either locally or at Amazon S3.AeroFS features:Private: your data never resides on the AeroFS servers. Everything you sync using AeroFS is private, and will only be shared with people

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