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Official Ubuntu Server Book 3rd Edition

Prentice Hall has just released the 3rd Ed. of “The Official Ubuntu Server Book” authored by Kyle Rankin and Benjamin Mako Hill. As background, the 2nd Ed. published in 2010 and the book has since been updated to remain as the definitive, authoritative guide to getting up and running quickly with the newest, most powerful versions of Ubuntu Server. You can skim the complete Table of Contents and read a free sample chapter, #3, “Package Management”, here on the publisher site:

Table of Contents and Chapter 3

Prentice Hall will be pleased to ship approved LoCo teams each (1) free copy of this new edition. This will be a great addition to each team’s library of Ubuntu books! To keep this as simple as possible, you can request your book by following these steps. The team contact shown on our LoCo Team List (and only the team contact) should send an email to usergroups at informit.com and include the following details:

Your full name.
Which team you are from
If your team resides within North America, please provide:

Your complete street address (the book will ship by UPS)

If your team resides outside North America, you will first be emailed a voucher code to download the complete eBook

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