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Evernote Linux Client `NixNote 2` To Ditch Java For C++ / Qt, Alpha Version Available

NixNote (previously Nevernote) is an unofficial open source Evernote client written in Java, but it seems this will change with the next major release and C++/Qt will be used instead.For those not familiar with Evernote, this is a popular note-taking service that besides regular notes, supports images, video and audio, handwritten notes and basically all kind of information you could add to a note. There are Evernote applications for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and so on, but not for Linux.NixNote has almost all the features present in the official Evernote application for Windows, but it’s written in Java and many users have complained about its memory usage. But this will change with NixNote 2, an effort to rewrite Nixnote from scratch, having speed and a reduced memory footprint as the main goals. According to its developer, NixNote 2 will be written in C++ using Qt’s framework and there might be some Java pieces, but he’s hoping to keep them to an absolute minimum.Nixnote 2 alpha 3If you want to try the latest NixNote 2 alpha 3, you can download it already, but only for 64bit. Also, remember that this is an alpha version released for

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