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E-book Management App `Calibre` 1.0 Released

Calibre is an open source tool to manage e-books, which features e-book syncing with popular e-book readers, library management and e-book conversion between various formats. The application is available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.The latest Calibre 1.0, released recently, features a new cover grid view of the books available in the Calibre library, a faster database backend and more. With Calibre 1.0, an optional grid view which displays books by cover has been added. To switch to it, click the grid icon in the bottom right corner:The new Calibre grid viewThe grid view is customizable via Preferences > Look & Feel > Cover Grid. Here, you can change the cover height and width, enable displaying the book title below the cover, set the cover cache size and so on.Another interesting feature that was added to Calibre 1.0 is called “Virtual Library”. Using virtual libraries, Calibre can split big libraries into smaller virtual libraries. The virtual libraries are created based on a search expression and when using such a library, Calibre behaves like it only contains the matched books so the application only displays the tags/authors/series etc. that belong to the virtual library. To create a virtual library, click

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