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Cloud Storage Services on Linux Platforms

Cloud storage services for personal usage are mostly used these days to easily access your data everywhere from your desktop, laptop and mobile devices as well. So, in this post we will have a look at some cloud storage services works on many Linux distributions.
Advantages of cloud storage service, it could be used for many purposes and different types of users based on will it be used for personal or business usage. for personal user it could be used for sharing files between friends or in public, backup important files in the cloud, so you can have access to these files anywhere using mobile device, streaming audio or video to many devices, connecting cloud storage to virtual machines and many more advantages based on your interest.
So, here we will have a look some cloud storage services clients and which are widely used by many operating systems including Linux distributions. I have seen many great cloud services and they provide such a good service and big capacity, but unfortunately they don’t provide the client software for many operating systems such as Google Drive, they didn’t provide an official client for Linux platform, however, you will see a couple client software will help you to use Google Drive on your Linux distribution. Also, we will go through some other clients for different cloud storage services companies as well.
1. Dropbox

In the meantime, this is my favorite cloud storage service because it has a client software for each device I have, it works in my laptop, desktop with different operating systems and it works on Android Mobile device. Usually, I mostly use cloud storage for personal files only, so I can have access to it in different devices without bothering to copy it each device.

Dropbox website provides a client software for other operating systems such as MAC OS X, Microsoft Windows and IOS for IPhone and IPad.
Install Dropbox Client on Ubuntu and Fedora
Dropbox brings DEB package for Debian and Ubuntu distributions, and RPM package for Fedora. Also, there is an source package if you would like to compile it in other Linux distributions.
Another good thing about Dropbox that you can install it in your server and it could be used for backup services for your website files directly to your Dropbox account using “CLI” command line interface script. Check this WIKI for more information.
2. Ubuntu One

It’s another good cloud service, it’s quite similar cloud service to

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